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Aquatics Facility FAQ's

Is Rec. Swim open to the general public?
Is the pool available for pool party rentals?
Daily Required Bathroom/Rest Break

Swimming Lesson FAQ's

Is there a swim test or evaluation so I know what level my child should be put into?
First Day of Lessons and the swim assessment
What do I bring to swim lessons?
Whats appropriate bathing suit attire?
Can my child stay in the pool after their lessons are over?
Does my child need to pass a class before they can advance into the next level?
Group Swim Lessons
What is the Late/Absence Policy?
What is the Make-Up Policy?
What is the policy for cancelled classes?
What is the Refund Policy?
Inclement Weather Policy
Adaptive Aquatics
Parents on Deck during Swim Lessons
Evaluations and Feedback of Swimming Swan Staff
Private Swimming Lessons Cancellation Policy

Red Cross Certification Courses FAQ's

Certification Requirements
Course Manuals
What to Bring to Class
Refunds and Other Policies

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